LNG Blue Corridors
Demonstration of heavy duty vehicles running with liquefied methane

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The LNG BC ended in May of 2018. This map has been updated until the end of the project, so probably not all current stations in Europe are depicted. To check current LNG stations availability, please reach NGVA Europe.

Iveco Stralis

Iveco Stralis LNG

Iveco presented the Stralis LNG truck in The European Road Transport Show of Amsterdam in April 2012. The series production started just later.

Stralis LNG is equipped with a cryogenic tank and CNG cylinders as secondary fuelling system. The cryogenic tank contains always natural gas both in liquefied and saturated vapor state at same pressure. The energy required for the supply of the fuel to the engine is ensured by the fuel pressure itself; the system does not use any type of pump. When the engine requires the fuel, the natural gas exits the tank and is conveyed towards the engine.

Thanks to a pressure regulator called economizer inside the tank, pressure excess is discharged by supplying to the running engine gas instead of liquid. When the internal pressure is lower than the economizer set-up pressure, the liquid is supplied. NG is stored in the tank in a liquid-gas equilibrium state at a determined pressure-temperature determined in the tank filling-up moment.

Engine: Cursor 8 Natural Gas

Since 1994 Iveco has been able to offer a range of natural gas vehicles and is one of the leaders in Europe in research and production of natural gas engines and vehicles, with thousands of vehicles at work in both private and public administrations.
All Iveco natural gas vehicles use a dedicated natural gas spark ignition engine operating under a stoichiometric combustion strategy. This allowed the engines to operate with consistently high performance, reducing pollution emissions well within the limits defined by the Environmentally Enhanced vehicle specifications.
The gases used for the engine certification tests, the very arduous ETC (European Transient Cycle), are designed to reflect the extremes natural gas composition found in use throughout Europe, including LNG and purified bio-methane.

The Cursor 8 GNC engines are produced by FPT - Fiat Power Train - , as Iveco, a company integrated in CNH Industrial.
This engine was initially developed to cover the mature market of the buses and garbage trucks running on CNG. At the end of the decade of 2000, other market segments were interested to purchase natural gas vehicles (as well as LNG): Distribution companies. In order to satisfy this request an upgraded version of this engine was developed with 330 hp and 1.300 Nm of torque.