LNG Blue Corridors
Demonstration of heavy duty vehicles running with liquefied methane

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The LNG BC ended in May of 2018. This map has been updated until the end of the project, so probably not all current stations in Europe are depicted. To check current LNG stations availability, please reach NGVA Europe.

VITO is a leading independent European research and consulting centre, and provides objective research, studies and advice to industry as well as European, national and regional authorities to establish future policies. The Transport & Mobility team of the Unit ‘Transition Energy and Environment’ analyses transport in connection with technology, energy and the environment. The research team has been working since many years in the fields of low carbon vehicles and has extensive expertise in environmental impact assessment of demonstration projects: in terms of avoided emissions, external costs, etc. In addition VITO can upscale results from small scale demonstration projects to potentials at fleet level.
VITO is also involved in the Belgian project Blue Cargo, with the purpose of setting up a demonstration project on the use of LNG for heavy duty transport in Belgium.
In LGN Blue Corridors VITO is WP leader regarding the evaluation of the demonstration activities (energy, environment, costs, and user acceptance).