LNG Blue Corridors
Demonstration of heavy duty vehicles running with liquefied methane

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The LNG BC ended in May of 2018. This map has been updated until the end of the project, so probably not all current stations in Europe are depicted. To check current LNG stations availability, please reach NGVA Europe.

Swedish Gas Association is a branch organization for energy gases and works with all aspects of energy gases, such as safety education, certification information and lobbying. The organisation includes five separate sections, one for each defined gas. The work requires a close co-operation with their member companies which means that several employees from their member companies are working actively within the work plans on behalf of SGA. Swedish Gas Association represents the actors of Swedish gas industry. Due to the ongoing LNG/LBM activities in Sweden the main tasks with participation in LNG-BC is to provide gained experience to the actors new to LNG/LBM business with the final goal is to secure that the market aspects are fulfilled so LNG/LBM will be used in heavy duty trucks. Therefore SGA with the associated members will participate as an active partner in most of the workpackages.