LNG Blue Corridors
Demonstration of heavy duty vehicles running with liquefied methane

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The LNG BC ended in May of 2018. This map has been updated until the end of the project, so probably not all current stations in Europe are depicted. To check current LNG stations availability, please reach NGVA Europe.

Iveco España S.L. is affiliated to IVECO Spa, one of the major OEM in Europe. Iveco España S.L. has two factories in Spain: Valladolid (Light Range) and Madrid (Heavy Range). The factory of Madrid manufactures the NG heavy truck Stralis.
Iveco has experimented with all the technologies considered ecological or alternatives to oil: biofuels, hydrogen, LPG, electric vehicles, etc. Iveco began experimenting with CNG buses and trucks in the year 1994, and in 1995 began mass production and has managed to settle on two specific market niches: buses and urban solid waste collection. Commercially, Iveco has verified that the use of CNG has its limitations for use on long distances because of its limited range; around 350 km. To solve this problem, since 2004, Iveco has been working on LNG truck prototypes, developing new technology that increases the autonomy of natural gas vehicles up to 800-900 km. In 2005 the first pilot truck was put into service and it has been working since then at full capacity, although it is used for collecting solid waste. In 2010 a limited number of pilot LNG vehicles were introduced and are now covering local services primarily in Spain and the Netherlands.