LNG Blue Corridors
Demonstration of heavy duty vehicles running with liquefied methane

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The LNG BC ended in May of 2018. This map has been updated until the end of the project, so probably not all current stations in Europe are depicted. To check current LNG stations availability, please reach NGVA Europe.


All downloadable files are listed here. Please note that some may be related to a deliverable, while others aren't.

Description Downloads Type
D2.1 Euro V final technical solutions PDF icon LNG BC D 2.1 Euro V final technical solutions.pdf Deliverable
D3.1 European LNG/L-CNG technology PDF icon LNG BC D 3.1 LNG L-CNG Technology.pdf Deliverable
D3.10 Design solutions to minimize boil-off PDF icon LNG BC D3 10 - Design solutions to minimize Boil-off.pdf Deliverable
D3.11 Studies regarding ageing of fuel PDF icon LNG BC_D_3.11_Studies regarding Ageing of Fuel.pdf Deliverable
D3.12 Security & Safety issues implementation PDF icon LNG BC D 3.12 Security and safety issues implementation.pdf Deliverable
D3.13 Implementation of fuel stations PDF icon LNG_BC _D3 _13_Implementation of fuel stations.pdf Deliverable
D3.2 Gas quality PDF icon LNG BC D 3.2 Gas Quality.pdf Deliverable
D3.3 National and European regulations impact PDF icon LNG BC D 3.3 National and European regulations impact.pdf Deliverable
D3.4 Guidelines for set up & operation of stations PDF icon LNG BC D3.4 Guidelines for the set up and operation of stations.pdf Deliverable
D3.5 Market harmonisation proposal PDF icon LNG BC D3.5 Market Harmonization Proposal_resubmitted.pdf Deliverable
D3.6 Liquified Biomethane experiences PDF icon LNG BC D 3.6 Biomethane experiences.pdf Deliverable
D3.7 LNG network identification PDF icon LNG BC D 3.7 LNG network identification.pdf Deliverable
D3.8 Economic analysis of LNG filling stations PDF icon LNG_BC_D 3 8 Cost analysis of LNG refuelling stations.pdf Deliverable
D3.9 Potential of LBM in Europe PDF icon LNG BC D3.9 Potential of LBM in Europe UPDATE.pdf Deliverable
D4.1 Vehicles regulations state of the art PDF icon LNG BC D 4.1_ LNG vehicles Regulation.pdf Deliverable
D4.2 LNG stations regulations state of the art PDF icon LNG BC D 4.2 LNG Stations State of the Art.pdf Deliverable
D4.3 Recommendations of future standardization PDF icon LNG BC D 4.3 Recommendation of Future Standardization.pdf Deliverable
D4.4 proposal "type approval text" for LNG PDF icon D4.4. Proposal type approval text for LNG HDVs and LNG stations.pdf Deliverable
D4.5 Evaluation of the recommended future standards PDF icon LNG_BC_D4.5_Evaluation of the recommended future standards.pdf Deliverable
D5.10 LNG station implementation PDF icon D5.10 LNG station implementation.pdf Deliverable
D5.11 Regular supply to LNG stations PDF icon LNG_BC_D_5.11_regular supply to LNG stations.pdf Deliverable
D5.12 Support to the LNG trucks during the demonstration PDF icon D5 12 Support to the LNG trucks during the demonstration - resubmitted approved.pdf Deliverable
D5.15 Operating LNG trucks PDF icon LNG_BC_D_5.15_Operating LNG Trucks.pdf Deliverable
D5.5 BC LNG Stations location PDF icon LNG_BC_D5 5-BC LNG Station Location.pdf Deliverable
D5.8 LNG logistic details PDF icon D5.8 LNG logistic details.pdf Deliverable
D6.6 Qualitative assessment of the project PDF icon LNG_BC_D_6.6_Qualitative assessment of the results of the project.pdf Deliverable
D7.1 LNG Blue corridor position paper PDF icon LNG BC D7.1 LNG Blue Corridors position paper.pdf Deliverable
D7.2 Feasibility study about the ATBlue Corridor PDF icon LNG_BC_D_7.2_Feasability Study about the Atlantic_Corridor.pdf Deliverable
D7.3 Feasibility study about the MEDblue Corridor PDF icon LNG_BC_D_7.3_Feasibility study about the Mediterranean_Corridor.pdf Deliverable
D7.3 Feasibility study about the MEDblue Corridor (suppl) PDF icon LNG_BC_D_7.3_LNG Blue Corridors suplement - Market development Croatia.pdf Deliverable
D7.4 Feasibility study about the SONOR Corridor PDF icon LNG_BC_D_7.4_Feasibility study about the SoNor Corridor.pdf Deliverable
D7.5 Feasibility study about the WE Corridor PDF icon LNG_BC_D_7.5_Feasability Study of the West-East Corridor.pdf Deliverable
D7.6 Market Development PDF icon LNG_BC_D_7.6_Market development.pdf Deliverable
D8.1 Project website PDF icon BC - D 8 1 Project website.pdf Deliverable
D8.3 Dissemination database PDF icon BC-D_8 3_Dissemination_database.pdf Deliverable
D8.5 Project newsletter PDF icon BC-D_8 5_Newsletter.pdf Deliverable
D8.6 Dissemination and workshop PDF icon LNG_BC D_8.6_Dissemination and workshop.pdf Deliverable
D8.7 Statistics monitoring PDF icon LNG_BC_D_8.7_Dissemination and explotaition.pdf Deliverable
D8.8 Project events PDF icon LNG_BC_D_8.8_Project events.pdf Deliverable
Fleet operator datasheet File Fleet operator datasheet.docx Deliverable
Fleet Operators FAQ PDF icon Fleet Operators FAQ.pdf Deliverable